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Información de la exposición

Utrustpack: Improving the "Flexible Production" Ability to Meet the Individualized Packaging Demand of Snacks
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Utrustpack: Improving the "Flexible Production" Ability to Meet the Individualized Packaging Demand of Snacks

Apr 22, 2024

2024 The 17th Food Exhibition for China Nuts and Dried Fruits & Fair for Purchase and Supply was held in Hefei, Anhui Province, showing the prosperity of the nut and roasted seeds industry. According to authoritative statistics, the size of China snack food market has exceeded trillion yuan, and it is expected that it will continue to maintain steady growth in the future.

The 17th Food Exhibition for China Nuts and Dried Fruits & Fair for Purchase and Supply


Behind this growth trend is consumers' constant pursuit and upgrading of personalization, quality and diversification of food consumption habits. Nuts and roasted seeds production enterprises must have the ability to quickly adjust the packaging form and style. "Flexible production" is bound to be one of the core topics of future manufacturing. This is not only faced by manufacturers, but also followed by upstream packaging equipment manufacturers.


Utrustpack always pays attention to the frontier trend of the industry and keeps learning and practicing, striving to help customers realize rapid adjustment of production capacity and content to meet the changeable food packaging demand, thus realizing flexible production.


Support for small batch production. The terminal consumer market is changing rapidly. How to seize the opportunity quickly? Utrustpack's packaging equipment supports rapid mold changing and adjustment, which can meet the needs of small batch and multi-variety production and reduce the time and cost of production switching.


Deepening of customized solutions. By establishing close cooperation with customers, Utrustpack provides customized packaging machinery to meet customers' individual needs, including specially designed packaging styles and material selection. In recent years, Utrustpack has made in-depth research in the fields of beef roll sorting and packaging, bread and pastry sorting and packaging, and health care product sachets packaging, and gradually formed a profound and unique industry understanding and practical solutions.

delta robot sorting beef rolls


Continuous communication and technical support services, including the strengthening of customer training, not only improve the production efficiency and equipment use effect of customers, but also ensure that we can always follow up and understand the actual production changes and needs of customers and make corresponding optimization and upgrading.


The wide application of intelligent technology. Intelligent technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence will be more and more deeply involved in the daily production of various enterprises. By introducing cutting-edge technologies such as motion control and depth vision, combined with profound engineering skills, Utrustpack has improved the intelligent level of packaging equipment, making it possible to respond flexibly to changes in market demand and quickly adjust production plans.

vision system delta robot


Attention to environmental friendliness and sustainable development. Utrustpack pays attention to the development of environmental protection packaging solutions. On the one hand, it pays attention to the use experience of equipment operators, and the design is as humanized, convenient, generous and beautiful as possible. On the other hand, materials with higher quality standards, waterproof, recyclable and pollution-free, and packaging waste is reduced to meet the expectations of customers and consumers for green and sustainable development.


Through these strategies, Utrustpack is actively shaping the future of the food packaging equipment industry, ensuring that our packaging equipment and services can meet the growing demand for flexible production and customized production in the food industry, and at the same time bring more personalized and diversified product experiences to C-end consumers, leading the industry to develop in a smarter, more environmentally friendly and more interactive direction.


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